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亚马逊云账号( inflow continues for seventh week with RM66.61mil net purchase



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KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign buying in Bursa Malaysia equities remained net positive for a seventh consecutive week at RM66.61mil although the net amount was a sharp decline from RM359.14mil in the week prior.According to MIDF Research, foreign investors were net buyers for every day of the past week except on Friday."Largest foreign inflow was recorded on Monday and the only outflow on Friday to the tune of RM63.79m and -RM84.37m respectively," it said in its weekly fund flow report.Retail investors continued to pick up stock on every day of the past week, moping up RM228.38mil net of equities on Bursa.Meanwhile, local institutions extended their selling streak for a fifth consecutive week with net equities sales of RM294.99mil.For local institutions, the largest net selling was on Monday to the tune of RM121.97mil, while the only net outflow on Friday amounted to RM31.88mil.Year-to-date, only retailers have been net buyers of the local equity market to the tune of RM11.59bil.Local institutions and foreign investors have been net sellers to the tune of RM9.9bil and RM1.68bil respectively.In terms of participation the retail investors, local institutions and the foreign investors recorded a weekly movement of 17.38%, 13.63% and 34.34% respectively in average daily trade value (ADTV).


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